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About Sandy

Mrs. Erickson always put students first. It's our hope that we can honor her commitment to Christian education with this event.

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Last year's race was a huge success, but our donors made the biggest impact.

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Our schools

Want a great education? We think our schools are tops. If you are looking for a Christian education for your child, stop by and ask for a tour of one of our small, friendly schools.


Questions? Email the race director or get in touch with the home and school association:


Sponsorship information

While it IS NOT a requirement, we would like to see if you can get some adults or friends to help sponsor your spot in the event. If each student could find 10 sponsors at $10 each, this will make a great contribution to our Worthy Student fund.

If you lost your form that you received at school, you can print this one out and bring it in with the appropriate names/monies to school.
Download student sponsorship form

In 2015, students raised over $22,000 through their solicited sponsors. In the first four years of this event, our students have raised over $105,000! Great work, students!

Classroom totals - A.W. Spalding
Ms. CrankPre K------$660$802--
Mrs. DempseyPre K--$530$962$580$210--
Mrs. WashPre K----------$626
Mrs. MartinPre K----------$1,924
Mrs. SchepersPre K$690$815--------
Mrs. ArnerKindergarten----$1,791$603$454$1,246
Mrs. BengeKindergarten$1,170$1,053--------
Mrs. LittellKindergarten$1,348$1,395$1,649--$649$425
Mrs. Schepers1st Grade----$1,090$941$839$1,155
Mrs. Smith1st Grade$1,229$1,578--------
Mrs. Suckut1st Grade$2,172$2,002$1,319$1,010----
Ms. Lehmann1st Grade--------$1,216$661
Mrs. Haluska2nd Grade$965$2,366$997$1,132$931$1,011
Mrs. Greenleaf2nd Grade$1,345$1,403$1,360$994$522$1,139
Miss Klein3rd Grade----$2,527$1,024----
Ms. Weddle3rd Grade$900$777--------
Ms. Klein3rd Grade--------$878$952
Mrs. Tucker3rd Grade$473$1,371$2,287$815$686$1,373
Mrs. Musick3rd Grade$613$767--------
Miss Klein4th Grade$225$650--------
Mrs. Collson4th Grade----$679$1,910$770$1,289
Mrs. Musick4th Grade----$1,267$1,507----
Miss Young4th Grade$1,140$1,471--------
Mrs. Owens4th Grade--------$589$773
Miss Anderson5th Grade------$933----
Mrs. Turkenkopf5th Grade--$685$1,757------
Mrs. Auge5th Grade$1,602$2,089$768$733$961$671
Mrs. Musick5th Grade--------$1,673$368
Mr. Bispham5th Grade$1,035----------
Classroom totals - C.A.M.S.
Mr. Harter6th Grade$850$1,209--------
Ms. Guider6th Grade$815$467$3,797$735$728$1,694
Mr. Mixon6th Grade$625----------
Mrs. Hunt6th Grade$670$357$1,642------
Mrs. Tatum6th Grade------$1,608$699$1,136
Mr. Richardson7th Grade$876$985$835------
Mr. Hillburn7th Grade--------$1,258--
Miss Ladi7th Grade$1,629$1,473$1,651$747----
Ms. Ladi7th Grade--------$2,356--
Mrs. Trott7th Grade----------$327
Mrs. Barto7th Grade$543$530$1,117$1,531$725$441
Mr. Richardson8th Grade------$523$458$1,479
Mrs. Tatum8th Grade$306$507$493------
Mr. Harter8th Grade----$1,075------
Mrs. Darmody8th Grade$300$191$525$509$567$552
Mr. Kohls8th Grade$882$420--------
Mr. Hillburn8th Grade----------$966
Classroom totals - Collegedale Academy

Student artwork

Each year we ask students from one of our three schools to submit artwork to be considered for our logo. Here are our selections.


  • Student: McKenzie Covrig
  • School: C.A. (High School)
  • Grade: 12th


  • Student: Andrew Jimenez
  • School: C.A.M.S. (Middle School)
  • Grade: 6th


  • Student: Ella Griggs
  • School: A.W. Spalding (Elementary school)
  • Grade: 5th


  • Student: Antonio Favors
  • School: C.A. (High School)
  • Grade: 10th


  • Student: Hannah Moody
  • School: C.A.M.S. (Middle school)
  • Grade: 6th


  • Student: Finn Boyson
  • School: A.W. Spalding (Elementary school)
  • Grade: 5th